KoreaGraph is always seeking highly skilled individuals who share our vision of pushing the boundaries on technological innovation.  We are looking for confident, enthusiastic and highly skilled physicists, biologists, material scientists, product designers and medical researchers, as well as successful business leaders, to work in an extraordinarily productive and exceptionally satisfying working environment.

We are looking for employees who can:


Have a Positive Outlook

It doesn’t matter what role you fulfill at KoreaGraph, whether you are the CEO or a Research Scientist, a Sales Executive or Professor of Medicine, your positive outlook, optimism and belief is what defines you.


Solve Problems

KoreaGraph aims to push the boundaries of what is possible.  Our team looks for problems and seeks to solve them, seeing everything as a challenge to gain experience and knowledge, not as an obstacle to success.


Be Better Every Day

We believe that with knowledge and experience everyone and everything can improve every day.  We challenge our team to excel, and when they reach their targets we look to the horizon and say “how are we going to get there”.


Work as Part of a Team

KoreaGraph believes that through combining talents, knowledge and experience from a wide array of backgrounds, we can achieve success quickly together that an individual may never achieve on their own.


Want to Learn More?

If you would like to join our team, please contact us with a copy of your CV.