Graphene Applications

Since it was discovered in 2004 at Manchester University, graphene has become the most exciting new super material to be discovered for many decades.  Graphene is a disruptive technology that is poised to revolutionize the world we live in.

Graphene has the potential to create new markets, upgrade existing technologies or replace existing materials.   The true potential of graphene could be realized when it transforms industries by creating solutions we do not even know we needed.

The unique properties of graphene is leading to pioneering research in semiconductors, flexible displays, chemical and biological sensors, transistors, batteries, Medical devices, wearable technology hydrogen fuel cells and many other applications.

KoreaGraph aim to capture the graphene market as it exponentially expands.  We will do this by leading innovation and research, developing new applications and inventing new products.  Our high quality and low cost graphene manufacturing is compatible with a multitude of industrial usages, and we intend to focus our resources on those markets that not only have the greatest capacity to change the world, but by implication, those with the highest potential advantages in terms of shareholder value.