Graphene has truly extraordinary physical qualities, combining strength with flexibility, density with thinness, and conductivity with permeability.  Harnessing the unique physical qualities of graphene in combination with existing materials to create composite materials is a major market that will revolutionize many industries.

An amalgam of graphene and plastics can produce composite materials with the ability to replace metals used in a multitude of manufacturing processes:

  • Automobiles and airplanes will be stronger and lighter, resulting in significant increases in fuel efficiency enabling people to travel further for less money and with reduced environmental impact.
  • Ships and buildings can be made more durable, reducing maintenance, cleaning and the risks of exposure to the elements such as rusting and erosion.
  • Electronic devices can be made tougher and waterproof, able to withstand impacts and stop water damaging the electronics.
  • Graphene composite packaging can increase the shelf life of food by preventing exposure to water and oxygen, delivering fresh fruit and vegetables to consumers around the world while reducing the costs of transporting them by air.
  • Graphene-plastic composites has the potential to revolutionize the consumer electronics world, enabling devices be lighter and work faster.
  • And in sport, graphene-enhanced tennis racket has already been produced, which is lighter, stronger and more flexible, heralding change in many sports from skiing to Formula 1.

Graphene is a unique material with unique properties that will improve existing technologies in combination with current advanced materials.  KoreaGraph is working to harness the strength, durability, flexibility, conductivity, permeability and lightness of graphene to develop new commercially successful composite materials that will change industries and products from the sea to the air, from the car to the streets they drive on, and from the supermarket to the golf course; KoreaGraph stands ready to maximize the opportunity for shareholders and billions of consumers worldwide.