Display Screens

Display screens are a major component in today’s smartphones, tablets and TV’s, with a trend towards larger, brighter, high-definition and lower energy usage driving technological change.  Most of today’s mobile devices use indium electrodes within their organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays. OLED displays are popular in mobile devices as they consume less power than other displays, therefore enabling the battery to last longer.

Innovation in this industry utilizing graphene instead of indium as the electrode significantly reduces costs, enables highly flexible displays, which are extremely tough and durable.  In addition, due to graphene’s ultra-thin properties, screens can now become transparent.

The development of graphene OLED displays heralds an era of cheap, flexible and larger screens, not only for smartphones, but challenging what we believe is possible with highly flexible and ultra-light e-paper gaining significant attention.  Graphene will also revolutionize the production process, enabling roll-to-roll manufacture of flexible screen.

The use of graphene in display screen is likely to be one of the first application to become prevalent.  KoreaGraph is at the forefront of research and development of this technology, and aims to capture significant market share in the coming years.