Nanotechnology utilizing graphene as a core material is likely to be the leading technology of the 4th industrial revolution.  As with the steam engine, electricity and the computer in the previous industrial revolutions over the last 250 years, graphene has the potential to change not only industrial production, but the way we all live our lives.

Nanotech can help society take giant leaps into the future, and graphene will be the springboard enabling this.  We will be able to design and build products that are smaller, stronger and faster, more flexible, more durable and more efficient, that have greater intelligence and increased adaptability. And the effect of nanotech will be wide ranging, impacting nearly every industry, product and application, from communications to energy, from medicine to transportation, and from agriculture to technology.

The nanotech revolution will truly change everything we think is possible.  As with the three industrial revolutions that proceeded it, those the companies who capture and commercialize the technology that drives change have almost always grown to become the leading companies of their time; From Boulton & Watt, to Edison and General Electric, and Microsoft and Apple, innovation coupled with imagination and business acumen have produced some of the largest and most profitable companies in the world.

KoreaGraph is ideally positioned to capitalize on this 4th industrial revolution, leading technological innovation and applying this technology to those sectors where the highest potential returns are likely to be found.  Our aim is not only to innovate and invent, but to commercialize the technology by identifying and exploiting opportunities.

KoreaGraph will focus on those sectors where the highest rates of return on our investment can be achieved. We will build shareholder value through constant innovation and enable our investors to share in our success and profits, as we exploit the opportunity of 4th industrial revolution.

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