Production Facilities

Production Facilities

From KoreaGraph’s headquarters in Seoul, Korea, we operate three facilities:

Research & Development Laboratory

KoreaGraph’s 800 square meter Research & Development Laboratory (R&D Lab) is where we push the limits of what graphene can do.  Our scientists, engineers and product developers explore the potential applications for graphene, refine our manufacturing process and research new products. Our R&D Lab includes advanced scientific tools used for categorizing materials, measuring physical, thermal, electrical and conductivity properties, a variety of wet chemistry and dispersion testing instruments, and tools for examining energy storage and conversion.


Production Facility

Our 1,800 square meter Graphene Production Facility (GPF) is where we produce graphene and graphene based products.  Our GPF houses our highly advanced chemical vapor deposition equipment.  Our target for graphene production for 2016 is 12 tons, with a target production growth rate of 300% in the next 5 years.


Business Development Centre

KoreaGraph’s Business Development Centre (BDC) is where we focus on the commercialization of graphene.  We understand that successful exploitation of this amazing material depends not only on leading research, developing applications and manufacturing products, but critically targeting the industries where graphene will have the greatest impact; both on the lives of people around the globe, and by implication, upon the profitability of KoreaGraph.